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"Formula for Success"  translates to everyone working together…..the homeowner, contractor and designer!

From the beginning the home owners used the "Formula for Success" method.  This formula not only achieves a beautiful home but also a functional home and most importantly no regrets.  "Formula for Success" also translates into SAVING MONEY by eliminating costly delays!  Four months after breaking ground the home owners moved into their new home, a feat which could not have been accomplished without the "Formula for Success".   When building a home there are over 60,000 decisions to be made.  Many of these decisions can be eliminated by using the "formula",  your contractor and designer expertise will greatly reduce any costly delays due to indecision, which is Sue's favorite expression "Let's not stop the parade".

bedroom tv

Cozy Corner

Whether it's a new bedroom or updating an old bedroom suite…..the first thing I suggest is NOT to use matchy ….matchy pieces. 

For this client I purchased the bed & a large matching dresser and opted for end tables with antique mirror tops instead of the traditional matching nightstands. 

#1 mistake when purchasing furniture is buying an entire line of the same product.  You want to create interest and depth to your rooms by layering different wood, textiles and textured finishes….all adding interest…therefore… will not tire of your decor as quickly.   Thus….a better investment. 

So here we go…..from the beginning….

Instead of table lamps on the nightstands….I opted for hanging small chandeliers from the ceiling … an almost floating or dreamy feel to this master bedroom.



master bedroom

Completed Master Bedroom

I placed the flat screen TV over the dresser…if clients do not want a TV in their bedroom I suggest using a large print or mirror over the dresser.  HINT…do not use the mirror that comes with the dresser.

Large Oversized Mirror

This large oversized mirror would work great over the dresser but this client wanted  a TV….functionality is always first.   

A must ….. finding oversized & personality plus accessories for the dresser which measures 66" wide. 

Large Dresser

The window treatments,  bedding & walls are all tone on tone solid colors…..I needed to incorporate pattern… this can be difficult to accomplish with a monochromatic decor.    Many times this important step is over looked in a design. 

Check back ….see if I can add pattern without  jeopardizing the sophistication and city attitude of this master bedroom.


Adding Pattern

Finding the correct accessories is not always easy…..I was looking for oversized & unusual pieces to implement into the design.   I love the lidded oversized bottles covered with funky knobs in a gunmetal finish….they are the perfect way to balance the room with the gunmetal chandeliers at the opposite side of the room.

The patterned chair was not quite as easy to accomplish….the client wasn't convinced how important it was to the design of the bedroom.   Textiles whether chairs, bedding, window treatments or rugs….are discontinued very quickly.  Therefore, it is important to purchase textiles while they are available.  After a few consultations regarding the chair…it was approved.  The chair is not only functional but also creates interest through pattern and texture.  To create balance I needed to repeat the same colors from the chair to the opposite side of the room……balance is important in any design but ultra important in the bedroom …a place where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed.

master bedroom

Finished Master Bedroom

The color choices used in the bedroom took some convincing…..when I suggested gray for the walls…..the client was surprised….."Will that look right with dark espresso wood trim"?   Not only did I envision gray on the walls but I also suggested to paint their beautiful "bell" ceiling the same color as the walls.  OH…NO…SAY IT ISN'T SOOOO!!!

 It is not easy to do something you have never thought about or seen before… painting your ceiling something other than white or gray walls with dark espresso woodwork.  Work with your designer and create a bond of trust and you will not be disappointed.   In this case, the client was alittle hesitant to step out of the box but was thrilled after agreeing to the design……the bell ceiling painted gray took it to WOW instead of just wow.  

When the client asked, "What color sheets she should purchase" she was surprised when I suggested white!  When using tone on tone … this case….grays….there is a need for contrast but contrast that won't jeopardizing the urban sophisticated feeling of the bedroom.  I loved the reaction from the client when I said…"white"….that is exactly what the white will do upon entering the bedroom….the use of white creates an element of surprise and also the contrast of the crisp white against the deep moody gray play well off each other.

I don't always involve clients with such details …..unless they are questioning the design.  But…..every design decision I make whether it is a large portion of the design like paint color or a smaller detail like a pillow…..every decision is made for a reason….whether it is balance, scale, texture or placement ….all are necessary to create a great design.










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