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  1. Cheryl Griffith says:

    Sue has a special talent!  She can just walk into a room and visualize a new, more modern update.  She completely transformed my living room by changing the paint and getting rid of my "clutter" and adding a few new pieces.  I love it!  She made my dining area more cohesive by just having me change the position of my two pictures. Also, by adding a new mirror and some accessories to my bedroom, it looks totally different.  Thanks for all your help Sue!!!

  2. Jeff R.Swick says:

    As a builder working with customers on new home construction, I have become very aware of the importance of interior design.  The home owners concerns are usually about windows, brick/siding, and interior trim and cabinets.  One thing they tend to overlook is the decor, or the "clothes on the body", this is where Sue comes in.  We have worked with Sue on many projects, big and small.  Sue always gives her best and works long and hard, not only with the customer but with our subs and all involved in the process.  Sue sticks to the schedule and helps keep the project moving forward or as Sue says “Let’s not stop the parade” and she also keeps on budget.  To those considering remodeling or building Sue is a must have when it comes to your home decor design not only interior but exterior as well.

  3. Tonya Sudlow says:

    Sue is awesome!  She has a knack for interior design.  I doubted her when she suggested painting our ceilings the same color as the walls.  "What paint the ceilings a color other than white!"  "Who does that?"…I thought.  Well, she talked me into going about two shades lighter than the wall colors in each room and I LOVE it.  Everyone thinks it's white but it's not, it's just a lighter version of the wall colors.  It just adds a warmth to all of the rooms. 
    There are so many things that she suggests and does that I would never think of, but after she explains it I get where she is coming from.  If I ever built a house, she would be the first person I would call.  She works with the contractors to make sure vents, light fixtures, outlets, etc. are all in the right place so that you don't run into obstacles like having a heating vent right where your drapes need to puddle or a light fixture not hung centered over a table, etc.

  4. Laura Elliott says:

    Sue helped turn our Ottawa home's interior from a very plain builder's white box to a beautiful, pleasing space. The home sold quickly and we headed to an apartment in the Tampa Bay area.
    Although we have a much smaller space, many of the accent items we purchased for Ottawa work very well in our apartment. We even painted our living room walls with a lighter shade of the color Sue recommended for our home in Ottawa. We have received many complements on our apartment.
    For me, one of the most important things Sue does during the whole process is teach. She was always willing to explain why she made the selections she made and how she expects things to play together. I was able to take the knowledge and skills Sue gave me to my new space and make the space much nicer than it would have been prior to working with Sue.
    And she better come see me if she is in the Tampa Bay area again!

  5. Jill Caruso says:

    Sue visited my home in Tampa, Florida and suggested I move a mirror, rearrange some vases and pottery and what a difference those small changes made! She definitely has an eye for balance and aesthetics. When we are ready to sell our home, I will definitely be in touch with Sue to help “stage” our home and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to update any room in their house!

  6. Julie Gerdeman says:

    Sue did a great job in helping me select the colors to paint our new home. I have received so many compliments on so many of the decorative touches that Sue recommended. Thankyou Sue!

  7. Debra Plassman says:

    Sue is the BEST!!!!
    She can make your hoe humm home into absolute fabulous!!!!!
    Her staging of my home sold the house within the first week!!!
    She is a must have!!!

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